Our Terms


Important Notice

  1. You agree to provide SDM Hosting with true and correct information in order to provide service to you and give SDM Hosting permission to process your personal information.
  2. You agree that these terms may change and that you will check regularly for changes on the SDM Hosting website.
  3. You agree that abusive behaviour towards SDM Hosting’s staff or brand will not be tolerated.
  4. You agree that you will ensure that you choose and be responsible for the services that suit your needs.
  5. You agree that failing to pay your SDM Hosting account on time may lead to account termination and/or administrative fees and possible reconnection fees.
  6. You agree that either yourself or SDM Hosting may cancel this contract by giving the other notice.
  7. You limit SDM Hosting’s liability and indemnify SDM Hosting for various acts or omissions.

Payment and Penalties

  1. SDM Hosting reserves its rights to change its prices at any time on reasonable notice, which will not be less than 30 days, as per the minimum term of a month to month agreement.
  2. SDM Hosting retains the right to suspend any Services for non-payment, and to withhold such Services until all arrears are settled in full on any and all products and Services.
  3. Services which have been suspended for non-payment of Fees will remain suspended until payment has been made and the Service is reconnected. The Client will not be credited for Services that would otherwise have been available to the Client during the period of suspension.
  4. If the Client remains in default for more than 60 days, SDM Projects may terminate the agreement with immediate effect. The Client will remain liable for all Fees and charges for any period of suspension.

Term and Termination

  1. Either the Client or SDM Hosting  may terminate the agreement, or a particular Service, by giving one calendar month’s notice to the other.
  2. Cancellation of any Service is the Client’s responsibility. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such cancellation of service is actioned with due attention to terms of cancellation. Should the Client incorrectly complete the cancellation process, SDM Hosting will not be liable for any additional costs or compensation due to the error.

Days money back guarantee

You have 30 days from signup to get your money back if you are not completely happy.

Build and protect your brand

With your account you also get added services such as spam and virus filters.